Un masked masquerade

I am Unknown to u .... Reknown to me Thats my speciality Alurring , Enchanting , Bewitching yet Free from all the world's Debauchary.....

Thursday, September 15, 2005


Whn Ur Soul Decides to wander
Through the gazeless skies ...
Do not rent asunder those fathomless cries ...
the tears roll down in quiet restraint ,
the fear sweeps through yet u remain..
. every wonder y this happens each time..
though u know that its nt u
who said good bye ...

Friday, May 20, 2005

Just One Promise

I wish i could
But I know I can't
Make promises that won't last.
I could promise
to bring you the stars
I could promise you
happiness forver
I could promise
We'll stay together.
I could promise to hold your hand
I could promsie to make you smile
I could promise to stop your tears
I could promise many things to you
But one promise I make
That I know from my heart is true
And this promise please hold forever
And that is , I Love You.


That breathless whisper
that taunting smile
Sometimes sweet
Sometimes vile
Face upon face
the mystery deepens
Step after step
the will power weakens
When night is not night
When day is not day
He will be rid of You
forever they say.....

The Light of My Life

It sheds white tears
one by one
so pure and glistening
It sheds hot tears
one by one
so soft and so pleasing.
But one by one
as they fall down,
They turn so hard and unforgiving.
Just like a candle
I burn bright and new
Just like a candle
I shed tears
so white and so true,
and just like a candle
i burn continuosly till you are there,
But when you go away
And my light begins to fade,
i shed the last tear,
and burn out once again,
Waiting for your return
So that one day
I may burn brightly once again.

Saturday, April 30, 2005


When dreams are all i see
i wish to be free
i wish to fly in the open sky
and seek tranquility...

i have been watching
the shadows flitter by
the darkness the emptyness
surrounding me

i have been hoping
for an escape
for a guiding light
i have been waiting for tommorows all my life

i want to breathe
the freshly scented breeze
i want to see purity
but all i see is an endless road
on which i must walk all alone.

I seek your hand
to help me through
Ur love to make me strong
and i know u will stand by me
for thats where you belong.

Getting married on the 9th of june 2005 :p so pretty nervous
my weird thoughts and confusions

Monday, April 25, 2005

Cruel Deception

Staring at the cloudy sky
i wandered into oblivion
thoughts colliding of before and now
who was i and what am i ?

where did i go wrong with u?
why does this seperation eat me from inside?
i know im always not so nice
but friendship doesnt come at a price

and if it was a price u wanted
y didnt u just let me know
instead of tearing urself away from me
Instead of just letting go.....

when i trusted u with my heart and soul
when pleasing u was my ultimate goal
now because of u im hard like stone
i want to melt , i want to glow

but something inside holds me back
reminds me of that bitter pact
which changed my life entirely
when u said good bye for eternity

all i needed was a helping hand
a shoulder to cry on
an ear to hear my weathered pleas
and lips to utter sheer sympathy

all i needed was a friend and freindship so true
which i had asked and expected from u
but my dear u let me down
u crushed my heart and tore my soul

and today forever i let u go
every memory and time we shared
i cleansed myself from u
and from today forever i feel free and say to the world See the NEW ME :)

Sometimes in our lives we come accross some people who mean more to us than we realise at that point in time. And it could be through mistakes of our own or maybe some misunderstanding that we wind up being hurt. What charechteristics would u define a friend should have?personally i think ... the main charechteristic is understanding, each individual is diffrent in their own right.. we each have our own personality .. no two persons can be alike nt even twins so why dont people understand eah other? i lost a dear friend whom i treasured the most gave me the most heartachewhen i needed help and understanding she turned away... and even now afetr so many years the wound is still there.. and i know her betrayal will leave a scar on me .. but that didnt make me lose hope so now thsi is the new me .. i made new friends and gt on with my life but each new relationship will make me wonder where i went wrong before and i hope and pray to GOD i never make that mistake again cos friends .... real friends are hard to come byand i want my new freinds to know i love thm a lot :) and they have made me what i am today...a rose dragged out from the ashes...